Making Space

Sunrise at Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

I arose well before dawn, packed camera and tripod, and drove to Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary in Easton,PA.  Mine was the only car in the parking lot, and I saw no one else except three wild turkeys as I hiked through woods filled with birdsong.  I had in mind to photograph a stand of trees in a meadow, pre-visualizing an image of their dark columns rising dramatically from the misted undergrowth.  While setting up the shot, I turned and saw this view down the path I had walked minutes earlier.  Another few minutes and it was gone.

I gave myself space that day, and time, and permission to deviate from the plan.  It’s hard to break a habit of lifelong schedules, plans, productivity goals, and general busyness.  But I’m trying to leave more open space in my life and in my mind, to let experiences and images drift in and out, to perhaps see beyond what I thought was there.

I emerged from the forest bug-bitten, sweaty and happy, my only other goal that day to have a cup of coffee at a nearby riverside diner.

P. S.  I am moving to Providence RI in less than two weeks!  I expect to have a busy life there, filled with family, new friends, explorations into the local arts and culture.  But I will also make space for quiet unplanned days, take time for second looks, and welcome whatever thoughts and images may come.